Welcome to my blog!

Riverina Wildlife is a monthly blog that does what it says on the tin: shares photographs and information about the native flora and fauna of the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.

Technically there aren’t any FAQs yet, but I figure I’ll head some potential questions off at the pass:

Who are you? My name is Kimberley, I’m a life-long resident of the Riverina, with a background in ecological conservation and community education. I like to take my camera on regular field trips to see what I can see around the region.

How often do you update? I aim to post at least one full field trip report each month. These are sometimes interspersed with ‘snapshot’ posts about incidental sightings and anything else I get really excited about and just have to share straight away. Field Trip posts usually go up at the end of the month, but may go up earlier depending on what I’m doing that month and my time availability.

Where the heck is the Riverina? Depending on who is drawing the lines and whether you mean the agricultural region, the (now defunct) electoral division, or the bioregion, the official ‘Riverina’ boundary is a bit unspecific.  For most practical purposes though I am referring to the lighter yellow bit on this map (my apologies to any colourblind people in the audience):


You might also like to have a read of the Riverina region’s page on Wikipedia.

Why a wildlife blog? Because I like going out and seeing what plants, animals, fungi, and other lifeforms live their lives around me, and I’d like to share what I see with other people who might live elsewhere, or have less opportunity to get out and about, or who simply have an interest in nature.

 How do you identify all those species? Many of the species you’ll see on this blog are ones I am familiar with through frequent interaction. Other species I identify through the time-honoured method of flicking through my field guides until I find something that looks the same, then checking if the rest of the details match. This works better for some species than for others, and I’m always happy to be politely corrected if I misidentify something. These are some of the field guides I own and use.

 Is this a professional wildlife photography blog? No. I will be posting photos of all the species I talk about, but I am not a professional wildlife photographer. I do my best with my little point-and-shoot cameras, but if you’re after truly spectacular photos of Australian wildlife I recommend you visit the following sites: Peter Merritt, Henry Cook, David Orchard, Alison Pouliot.

Can you come and do a presentation for my school/community group/public event? Yes! I am available to give presentations, depending on the location. Contact me and we can discuss terms.

Can you take me/my school/community group/bunch of friends on a field trip? Currently I am unable to host field trips for members of the public, but I am hoping to add this as an option in the future.

Do you do field work for research projects? Yes. Contact me if you’d like to see my qualifications.

Can I find you anywhere else on the internet? Yes, I am on Twitter @RiverinaWldlife and love chatting with new people.


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