June 2018 Field Visit – Port Macquarie

Yeah, okay, Port Macquarie is not in the Riverina. It’s about as far from being in the Riverina as it’s possible to be while remaining in New South Wales. Geographically, climaticly, ecologically, the works. But I had to go to Port Macquarie for an unrelated reason this month, and while I was there I visited some rainforest fragments, and they were so pretty I decided to blog about them. So welcome to this month’s instalment of Riverina (and other places) Wildlife.

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May 2018 Field Visit – Matong State Forest

Hello everyone!

For my May Field Trip I decided to go somewhere that I haven’t been before – Matong State Forest.

Matong State Forest sign in front of a bank of cypress pine (Callitris) trees

Matong is a small village of less than 200 people, and the state forest area is nestled within the surrounding farmland. It turned out to be bigger than I had expected, although I’m not sure what the actual size of the forest is. Continue reading

April 2018 Field Visit – Narrandera Common

Everything happens in April. This is just a fact of my life somehow. But! I promised I would try to go somewhere in April, and so I managed to just squeak in a late-day visit to Narrandera Common yesterday, after the annual koala count had ended.

I usually attend the koala count, but was unable to this year, but I figured I could head out there in the afternoon and at least find the beribboned trees the counters had located koalas in. In about a 2 hour period I managed to find three. The rest must have been cunningly hidden, or at least away from the trails I was following. I did speak to a local person who had participated in the count, who said they’d found a total of 29 koalas across the whole count area, so I guess I just needed to look harder for the marked trees.

While I was making my way around, looking for trees sporting ribbons and koalas, I took a few pictures of other things I saw, and just as the light was going I stopped to take some pics of a small group of kangaroos, and was super excited to see a wallaby nearby. Said wallaby was then kind enough to stay put, nearby and plainly visible, while I tried to take some photos in the fading light.

So here are my photos from my little trip to Narrandera Common yesterday:

River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) tree - complete with mistletoe - on Snake Island in Lake Talbot
River Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) tree – complete with mistletoe – on Snake Island in Lake Talbot

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March 2018 – No Field Visit

This month has included such diverse activities as:

  • Helping run a three-day Festival – while also working my day job
  • Celebrating my grandfather’s 95th birthday
  • Looking for (and finding!) bats at night at Lake Talbot in Narrandera
  • Breaking into my friends’ house (with permission and a locksmith) so a visiting artist could borrow an image projector
  • Attending far too many evening meetings
  • Spending two full days washing dishes
  • Making hand-dipped beeswax candles
  • Pouring concentrated acid down my toilet at midnight

But, alas, it did not include an actual proper field visit. I mean, I got to see bats at Lake Talbot, which was awesome, but it was dark, so I didn’t get any photos to share with you.

In April I will not have a chance to go anywhere until the final week of the month, but I will do my best to go somewhere, because so far 2018 has been a general fail on the field visit front.

Incidentally, if you live in the Riverina or would like to come visit the area for a day or so, Narrandera’s Annual Koala Count will be held on Sunday 15 April at the Narrandera Flora and Fauna Reserve. It usually starts at 10am and goes until midday. I can’t go this year, but it’s always a great chance to see wild koalas, so if that sounds like something you’d like to do, I can recommend it as a good day out.

I will leave you with a photo of my candles that I made, because I am very proud of them.

February 2018 Field Visit – Yanco

I don’t seem to be off to a good start with field visits in 2018.

After last month’s failure, I decided to try again to find Turkey Flat wetlands, near Yanco. Despite a dearth of signposting, I succeeded this time.

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January 2018 Field Visit – McCaughey’s Lagoon

Hi everyone, my apologies for getting this up several days late, thank you for patience.

For my first field visit of 2018 I decided to visit Turkey Flat near Yanco. I then proceeded to get myself all mixed up and ended up at McCaughey’s Lagoon instead.

Map showing relative positions of Turkey Flat and McCaugheys Lagoon
Hey, I was close.


It looked to be a nice little wetland-with-woodland area, and I could not get my brain to make sense of the actual map, which was oriented a different way to my mental map of the local area, so I decided to stay and check out McCaughey’s Lagoon instead, and try again for Turkey Flat another day.

McCaugheys Lagoon near Yanco
McCaughey’s Lagoon near Yanco

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