December 2015 Field Visit – Bitterns in Rice

I started this year with a wetland visit, and I thought it fitting to end it with another, only this time I decided to look at a very different type of wetland – rice bays.

Egret in rice bay
Intermediate Egret in a rice bay near Leeton NSW

Conservation agriculture is something I am particularly interested in, for numerous reasons. One of these reasons – a very major one – is that off-park conservation is vital to the survival of a great many of our native species. Conservation actions undertaken on private land bolster those undertaken in government-managed National Parks and reserves, and often provide essential corridors of habitat connectivity across landscapes. Without off-park conservation efforts – many of which are on private land – our native species would be in an even stickier situation than they currently are, and the current situation is bad enough.

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October 2015 Field Visit ā€“ The Rock Nature Reserve

This month’s field visit was to The Rock Nature Reserve. The Rock is one of those regional landmarks that I’ve grown up familiar with, but never actually visited, so I decided to fix that. It’s another location now firmly on the ‘I must revisit’ list – not least because I really want to climb all the way to the top sometime.

The Rock
The Rock

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August 2015 Field Visit – Wattles at Pomingalarna

August means flowering wattles, so for this month’s field visit I decided to head back to Pomingalarna Park at Wagga Wagga (you may recall that I visited Pomingalarna in March this year).

Flowering wattles at Pomingalarna Park
Flowering wattles at Pomingalarna Park

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July’s roadside birds

It’s a week later than I’d hoped to get these up, but here are my roadside birding pics from my aborted attempt at a field trip in July.

Birds on a wire near Coleambally. They flew off before I managed to get a good view of them, and I can’t ID them from this photo, it’s possible they’re introduced Blackbirds (Turdus merula).


Long-billed Corellas (Cacatua tenuirostris) at Darlington Point.


DSCF1597 DSCF1602

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Another month – another apology

July was bitterly cold, and very wet (which is good, just not comfortable to be out in) and I once again did not manage to get out for a proper field trip.

I did attempt to do a bit of a road-trip, to try and get photos of birds along the roadsides, without needing to spend much time actually outside in the cold myself, with minimal results. I saw plenty of birds, but didn’t manage to photograph many.

The photos I did get are still on my camera, and I will attempt to get them online over the weekend, but I will be presenting at a workshop tomorrow, and so will be busy all day today getting ready for that. However, it being the last day of July I didn’t want to leave you all wondering what had happened to July’s blog post, so here it is, in all its apologetic glory.

Have a good weekend everyone, and I will be back as soon as I’m able.

Edit: The pictures are now up here.

June 2015 Field Visit – Kindra State Forest

In an effort to make up for not getting out in April and May I have already posted entries about two field trips I made earlier this month to Narrandera Common and Mulligans Flat, so go check those out if you haven’t already. However, this is the actual official Monthly Field Visit for June 2015. Today I went to Kindra State Forest near Coolamon.

Kindra State Forest Coolamon
Kindra State Forest Coolamon

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Someone please remind me what weekends are

Seriously, May contained absolutely zero weekends. This is what happens when you work multiple casual jobs apparently. No field trip again this month. šŸ˜¦

To top it off I’m currently so tired and burned out that I don’t even feel up to doing a fill-in mini-post like I did in April. I’m sorry everyone.

June. I will do my utmost to get outside and tell you all about it in June.

In the meanwhile, you may be interested in supporting these crowd-funding campaigns for Australian wildlife conservation and research. One for kangaroos and one for orphaned fruit bats.

No April Field Visit Report :(

Sorry folks. I didn’t get time to do a proper field tripĀ this month, as I had assorted commitments each weekend. I had been hoping to get some good photos at the Narrandera Koala Count, but it was sadly rained out. I will do my best to remedy this lack during May.

I did post some fungi photos earlier in the month though, so if you haven’t yet seen those they’re here.

Meanwhile – please enjoy this very artistic wasp nest on an old garden gate in my garage.


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March 2015 Field Visit – Wagga Wagga LGA

March has been a hectic month, and I’m reporting in on the final day again. I haven’t had much chance to get out and about this month, but I did spend a couple of evenings poking around Flowerdale Lagoon and Pomingalarna Reserve at Wagga Wagga, just this week, accompanied by my dad.

Pomingalarna Reserve (aka Pomingalarna Park) is a scrubby hill reserve on the western edge of the Wagga Wagga township,Ā and isĀ named after a Wiradjuri woman from a local legend. The reserve isĀ dominated by White Cypress Pine (Callitris glaucophylla), assorted Acacia species and some rather weedy-looking Inland Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa) and White Box (Eucalyptus albens). The reserve is popular with mountain bike riders and is criss-crossed with trails for cyclists, walkers and horse riders to use. The Wagga Urban Landcare Group have undertaken habitat plantings for Glossy Black Cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus lathami) in parts of the reserve over the past decade, but I didn’t walk through any of these sections on this particular visit.

Hillside scrub at Pomingalarna Park

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