March 2018 – No Field Visit

This month has included such diverse activities as:

  • Helping run a three-day Festival – while¬†also working my day job
  • Celebrating my grandfather’s 95th birthday
  • Looking for (and finding!) bats at night at Lake Talbot in Narrandera
  • Breaking into my friends’ house (with permission and a locksmith) so a visiting artist could borrow an image projector
  • Attending far too many evening meetings
  • Spending two full days washing dishes
  • Making hand-dipped beeswax candles
  • Pouring concentrated acid down my toilet at midnight

But, alas, it did not include an actual proper field visit. I mean, I got to see bats at Lake Talbot, which was awesome, but it was dark, so I didn’t get any photos to share with you.

In April I will not have a chance to go anywhere until the final week of the month, but I will do my best to go somewhere, because so far 2018 has been a general fail on the field visit front.

Incidentally, if you live in the Riverina or would like to come visit the area for a day or so, Narrandera’s Annual Koala Count will be held on Sunday 15 April at the Narrandera Flora and Fauna Reserve. It usually starts at 10am and goes until midday. I can’t go this year, but it’s always a great chance to see wild koalas, so if that sounds like something you’d like to do, I can recommend it as a good day out.

I will leave you with a photo of my candles that I made, because I am very proud of them.