April 2019 Field Visit – Riverina in Drought

I keep going on about the drought, but it really is the most visible thing out here these days. Most of my wildlife encounters these last few months have been of roadkill, of animals moving across country to find food and water and being hit by vehicles, and other animals going for the roadkill and getting hit in turn. I haven’t wanted to photograph those for my blog. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find something alive to show you, but everywhere I turn all I see is dust. We had a nice little rainstorm about a week ago, but it won’t mean much unless there’s follow-up this season.

And on that depressing note, here are some photos I took around the region this month, which show just how stark it is out here.

Emu in woodland, Darlington Point. No grass or groundcover.

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October-November 2018 Field Visits – Riverina Drought

My apologies for the lack of October blog post, it’s been hard to find much to blog about recently, with natural areas across the region being not really at their best, given the current drought conditions.

Today’s post will be a selection of photos I took while driving around my patch during October and November; a mixture of incidental wildlife sightings and snapshots of the drought-affected landscape.

In roughly chronological order, I present to you:

A Bearded DragonĀ (Pogona barbata) sunning itself in a driveway near Narrandera. I saw at least three of these within a two week period in various locations, which is more than I am accustomed to seeing over such a short period of time. Either I was lucky, or they’re yet another species that’s venturing closer to roads and human-inhabited spaces looking for water and food this season.

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August 2016 Field Visit – Galore Hill take two

August has seen the return of the sun (well, on and off), so I decided to take advantage of a mostly-sunny afternoon to make another attempt at visiting Galore Hill.


You may recall that I attempted to visit Galore Hill in March this year, and failed to actually get there – it turns out it’s much easier to find if you drive down the right road.


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