October 2015 Field Visit – The Rock Nature Reserve

This month’s field visit was to The Rock Nature Reserve. The Rock is one of those regional landmarks that I’ve grown up familiar with, but never actually visited, so I decided to fix that. It’s another location now firmly on the ‘I must revisit’ list – not least because I really want to climb all the way to the top sometime.

The Rock
The Rock

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Bellowing Koala

Bonus post because I attended an outdoor artistic event at Narrandera Common this weekend and was completely delighted by the amount of koala activity going on in the midst of it all. It’s currently breeding season, and while I was out there I heard at least two male koalas bellowing, and several other koalas – likely females – were spotted by myself and others.

I was very pleased to get this photo of one of the males bellowing.


If you’ve never heard a bellowing koala, it’s quite an experience, they look far too placid to make such a noise. Here’s a Youtube video I found to give you some idea.

September’s birds

I promised you a post about the birds I saw on my quest for wildflowers in September, and here it is!

At Mundawaddery Cemetery I saw a pair of galahs (Eolophus roseicapilla) settling in for the evening. I’m not sure if the dead tree had a nest hollow in it, or if they just liked the open roosting location.

DSCF1976 DSCF1978

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