August 2018 Field Visit – Assorted Locations

My apologies. August’s Field Visit report is both late and short.

August rather got away from me, but when a friend of mine said she’d seen both a water rat and some echidnas along the Bundidgerry walking track beside Narrandera’s Lake Talbot I decided to go try my luck. My friend took me to where she’d seen them, but unsurprisingly they weren’t hanging out in the same places when we got there, so no water rat or echidnas for me.

We did have a lovely walk along the track beside the lake, and came across a large group of very vocal White Ibises. I assume the chatter was breeding season related, as ibises in my experience tend to be fairly quiet when just chilling, and there was nothing about to disturb them particularly. They were sharing the lake quite peaceably with several pelicans, cormorants, and darters. We did see a couple of raptors flying around (one quite close, which was exciting) but they didn’t seem to be bothering the waterbirds.

We also passed this dry waterway, draining from the hilltop down to the lake, which must be a lovely little waterfall when flowing.

After leaving the lake I decided to head to Leeton and go look for brolgas at Fivebough wetlands. On the way I passed a large group of Straw-necked Ibises in a roadside paddock, and stopped to get some pics. If nothing else, it was a good day for ibises.

I got to Fivebough, and made my way in to the central viewing area, and had a pretty good scan around with my binoculars. Sadly, I saw no brolgas. I figured it was just not my day for spotting the specific things I was looking for. I took a few pictures of the black-winged stilts that were feeding in the shallow water and headed home.

When I went through my photos later I discovered that I apparently hadn’t looked hard enough for brolgas while at Fivebough. Let this be an object lesson to you all.


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