June 2017 Field Visit – Galore Hill

Today I visited Galore Hill in Lockhart Shire. I visited Galore Hill last August, and it was a bit of a shock to realise that that visit was nearly a year ago now.

Galore Hill

There was actually a field day held at Galore Hill today, with people talking about the biodiversity onsite, and I had originally intended to try to get there in time for part of it, but alas I was too late arriving, and missed the whole thing.

The road in


Lovely view from the summit


There were still a few people hanging around when I got to the summit, and one of them suggested I head down a trail along the side of the hill to see the caves allegedly frequented by the bushranger ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan. I hadn’t seen the caves before, so I decided to go have a look.

Either my definition of ‘cave’ differs from some people’s or I didn’t find them.

I did see some lovely views out over the surrounding farmland, and some truly spectacular mosses and lichens on the rocks.

This is not a cave  (unless it’s bigger on the inside)


Perhaps the caves were down here. I didn’t fancy trying to worm my way one-handed through that small gap, on a narrow path, on the side of a steep hill, to find out.

Lovely view of The Rock. Also, please note the geography on display here. I was standing on one of two big rocky lumps, 34km apart, in the middle of a world of flatness.

A few brave flowers were out, despite it being mid-winter.

A tiny sticky everlasting flower
With an even tinier spider friend


Native daisies


Seed cases, not flowers – the ‘fruit’ of a casuarina
Casuarina seed case
Spent seed cases of a cypress pine


I found a couple of little chrysalis things (or possibly egg sacs?) on a casuarina tree. I’m not sure what they were made by. They kind of looked like they were tied onto the plant with hair, but it was presumably some sort of insect/spider silk.

More invertebrate activity: leaf skeletonisation and a caterpillar nest.

Back at the summit I climbed up the lookout tower, as I did on my visit last year, but I noticed as plaque at the bottom which I hadn’t noticed before. Possibly the reason for the name of the site?

See you next month!


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