Another month – another apology

July was bitterly cold, and very wet (which is good, just not comfortable to be out in) and I once again did not manage to get out for a proper field trip.

I did attempt to do a bit of a road-trip, to try and get photos of birds along the roadsides, without needing to spend much time actually outside in the cold myself, with minimal results. I saw plenty of birds, but didn’t manage to photograph many.

The photos I did get are still on my camera, and I will attempt to get them online over the weekend, but I will be presenting at a workshop tomorrow, and so will be busy all day today getting ready for that. However, it being the last day of July I didn’t want to leave you all wondering what had happened to July’s blog post, so here it is, in all its apologetic glory.

Have a good weekend everyone, and I will be back as soon as I’m able.

Edit: The pictures are now up here.


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