Welcome to the Riverina Wildlife blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Riverina Wildlife is a monthly blog that does what it says on the tin: shares photographs and information about the native flora and fauna of the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. Why? Because I enjoy going out and seeing what plants, animals, fungi, and other lifeforms live their lives around me, and I’d like to share what I see with other people who might live elsewhere, or have less opportunity to get out and about, or who simply have less knowledge of what they’re seeing when they visit natural spaces.

I intend to post at least one full field trip report each month. These will be interspersed with ‘snapshot’ posts about incidental sightings and anything else I get really excited about and just have to share straight away. At this stage I have no plans to post on any particular day of the week or month, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you when would be the best time to check back for updates – this may change over time, if I find myself falling into a regular posting schedule.

Find out more.

To welcome you, here is a koala in a river red gum, taken last year at Narrandera Wildlife Reserve:



3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Riverina Wildlife blog!

  1. swanlyric January 26, 2015 / 8:22 pm

    What a great idea Kimberly and a nice pursuit as well.


  2. tracey January 26, 2015 / 8:25 pm

    Looks good Kimberley


  3. John Beattie January 26, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    Looks good Kimberley


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